Reporting and Assessment

At Kingsway Park High School, assessment is central to our Teaching and Learning practice. We know that all students need to have an accurate picture of how they are progressing in each subject. 

We recognise that effective, accurate assessment must be based on four key principles:

  • purpose
  • reliability
  • validity
  • value

Our assessment works in tandem with our Teaching & Learning practice. Classroom practice allows our teachers to assess the impact of each lesson. Through the use of Enquiry Questions we seek to create inquisitive minds, capable of investigation and critical thinking. Live, 'in the moment' marking shows what success looks like across the school and as a result of this, teachers are able to clear up any misconceptions through our use of excessive clarity. 

Each curricular department has worked to build their Assessment Criteria to gauge the progress each student makes and students are formally assessed throughout the academic year. Each department has their own methods for best assessing where students are currently successful and, crucially, where they can develop even further. 

Our formal assessments naturally vary from subject to subject, but will include examinations and tests, presentations, low stakes testing, as well as practical skills assessments. When collected, our experienced team are able to draw inferences from this data and see not only how effectively our students are progressing in their journey through Kingsway Park but also how best to plan for academic interventions which will help all our students achieve their potential.

We seek to provide parents/carers with meaningful information. Throughout the academic year we inform parents/carers of current attainment and link this, where possible, to Parents' Evening to further strengthen the home/school relationship.