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Kingsway Park High School

Headteacher's Welcome

I am delighted that you have taken the time to visit our website and feel privileged to introduce and welcome you to Kingsway Park High School.

7r301137 fr 4The school is part of the Altus Education Partnership. Being part of the Altus Trust provides a wide range of opportunities for staff and students to work across a network of schools developing and sharing learning and practice. One of our key partners is Rochdale Sixth Form College, providing excellence in post sixteen provision. We look forward to collectively realising the vision of the Trust - to create and successfully run a family of inclusive academies from early years to sixth form, which will enable all students, regardless of background, to lead a fulfilling life, progress to an aspirational career and make a positive contribution to their local community.

Kingsway Park is proud to be a vibrant, inclusive and diverse 11-16 comprehensive school with approximately 1350 students, 47 different nationalities and 25 spoken languages. We have state-of-the-art facilities and we provide an individualised and unique curriculum offer for all students regardless of their starting point, gender, ethnicity, faith or need.

We care for, nurture and develop the whole child while improving aspirations, learning and achievement for all. In addition to ensuring each student’s academic potential, we also prepare them to be socially responsible citizens who can flourish in society and give back to their local community. We seek to remove any barriers of inequity, which prevent equality of opportunity so that all students can aspire and be inspired to realise their dreams.

This school has soul and a true 'family feel'. We value our students and recognise that success looks and feels different for each one of them. However, what is consistent is our team of passionate, enthusiastic and committed staff who work relentlessly in the pursuit of excellence for the students and community we serve.

It is an exciting phase in the schools' history with the onset of a new building and lots of positive change. Since my appointment as Headteacher in January 2023 the school has been on a journey of continuous improvement following a period of transition. It is my privilege and honour to be entrusted with the stewardship of Kingsway Park High School, leading and elevating the school on the next stage of its journey. I am dedicated, focused and committed to inspiring learning and to realising our vision to create a world class learning experience for all students.

Finally, I recognise that there is no substitute for seeing the school for yourself and speaking to our fantastic students and staff. There will be many opportunities for you to come into our school and form a strong link and partnership with us. If you have any questions about the school or would like a tour of the school, please do not hesitate to contact us:

As part of our school you don’t just attend, you belong!

Mr S Ward


and to our two students, submitting an educational piece on the benefits of products and— Kingsway Park () May 14, 2024
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Year 11 assembly afternoon. Every year 11 student has received a 'Proud Letter' from a member of staff, prior to starting their exams. Good Luck, year 11 !— Kingsway Park () May 7, 2024
@KPHS_Rochdale - May 7— Kingsway Park () May 3, 2024
@KPHS_Rochdale - May 3
Preparing for speaking exams starting Monday 22nd April in French, Spanish and all community languages. Well done to all Y11's who attended Easter School and made some wonderful revision balloon towers!— Kingsway Park () April 16, 2024
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Happy easter! May you enjoy this end of term break with happiness.— Kingsway Park () March 28, 2024
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Eid Mubarak! May this special day bring peace, happiness and prosperity to everyone.— Kingsway Park () March 28, 2024
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Yr 10 Photography visit to and Media City. Coursework focus of old and new.— Kingsway Park () March 27, 2024
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The Girls Toilet Project – Our female toilets in the Pankhurst building was designed and hand painted by our female students!— Kingsway Park () March 20, 2024
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Great to be in our new build 'Lemn Sissay Building'— Kingsway Park () March 20, 2024
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Some great experiences in school during thanks to and— Kingsway Park () March 18, 2024
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Had a great day with the visit from the Army taking over our PE lesson!— Kingsway Park () February 2, 2024
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Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 participated in a ‘Reindeer Run’, whilst student leaders helped to plan and organise fundraising events and foodbank collections for . Total count raising £640.00 for— Kingsway Park () January 24, 2024
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Primary school children from the local area are invited to join these sessions, running 4:30pm-6:00pm every Thursday from the 25th January and costing less than £1 per week!— Kingsway Park () January 23, 2024
@KPHS_Rochdale - January 23
Year 8 Parents/Carers Information Evening. Thursday 18th January. Please book your appointments online or contact Ms Taylor at the school for further information— Kingsway Park () January 16, 2024
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have teaching opportunities available, some vacancies are ending soon. Please find more information by visiting our vacancies page:— Altus Education Partnership () January 8, 2024
@KPHS_Rochdale - January 8— Kingsway Park () December 8, 2023
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