Kingsway Park High School


As we approach examination year for our Year Eleven students we are, as ever, committed to supporting them as much as we possibly can. As part of this support, we are planning run our GCSE+ programme from 20th November 2023.

This academic year, the sessions will initially run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and the timetable will change each week depending on the band of each student. I include a sample of the GCSE+ timetable overleaf to illustrate how this will operate.  The full timetable will be available on the school’s website

The sessions will begin at 2.50pm and will end at 4.00pm when students will be escorted to the student exit, if you normally collect your child from school, they will be available from this time.

GCSE+ sessions are designed to complement our Year Eleven curriculum and offer students an opportunity to deepen their understanding of key aspects of the GCSE course. Furthermore, these sessions help to increase self-confidence at this important stage in their education.

As we progress through Year Eleven, we are already planning to offer further sessions including early morning study groups, lunchtime revision as well as utilising Microsoft Teams alongside other digital platforms to encourage independent work outside of the school building.

We really do appreciate the support for the school that you, as parents and carers, provide. Please encourage your children to attend all possible sessions and maximise their potential in this important year. We are always here to support and if you have any questions about how best to support your child, please get in touch through


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